Medkila v Amazon Grimstad 1st August 2020 KO 17.00

Today was big game for us against a another good team. We have been disappointed over the last few games. Where we have played good football yet not took any points out of the games. Today gave us opportunity to do that.

First Half

We started the game a little slow.  Giving the ball away to easily in certain parts of the pitch that were dangerous to us and gave scoring opportunities to Medkila.  After settling down we begun to play our good football and took control of the game.   We started moving the ball out from the back, into midfield and up to our strikers with efficiency.  We had good possession and created a few chances.  We had a great opportunity to score when we worked the ball through the thirds. Up to Dingvold and from her good movement she created an opening for a shot on goal.  The keeper pulled off a good save from a well worked team chance.  Our game plan was working well because we pressed high up the pitch not allowing Medkila to play out from the back.  Making them kick the ball long giving us an opportunity to win the ball back quickly and attack them  We continued to play well passing the ball through the thirds and again created goal scoring opportunities from Emma and Lykke.

After continuing to play our way and moving the ball forward.  We conceded our first goal.  Totally against the run of play.  Medkila keeper kicked the ball long straight down the middle of the pitch.  The ball was going straight to our centre back who tried to play it to our goalkeeper.  The pass was not hard enough.  The Medkila striker ran right through to the ball and put it passed our goal keeper.  1-0 down.  A disheartened feeling as we were playing so well and giving Medkila an easy opportunity to score.  We continued to pick ourselves up and continue our good work.  When another individual error cost us another goal.  From our goal kick we tried to play out.  The ball was played to our left center back.  Who did not play quick enough and the ball was stolen from her. The winger went straight forward to our goal and played the ball into the middle striker who placed the ball into the net.  We had no chance to recover as we were all spread out.  2-0 down.  At this stage in the game we still felt we could get something out of it.  Continuing to play and create chances.  Then the third goal went in.  Again it could have been avoided.  We played in tight areas and not moving the ball out.  Got counter attacked and conceded another goal.  3-0 in 40 minutes.  Our chance to win the game got a little bit harder.  With five minutes to go before half time we just needed not to concede.  The players still continued to play through the thirds and keep the shape.  The last minute of the first half Medkila had a corner.  Played the corner short, we pressed yet our defender was on the wrong side and got rolled.  Then Medkila player cut the ball back to an on-coming striker who passed it into the net. 4-0 down.  

Second Half

After speaking in the changing rooms at half time.  We came out ready to fight.  Staying positive and looking to score early and get back into the game.  Again we continued to move the ball well yet at a quicker pace and press Medkila even more.  We kept Medkila at bay and did not let them have many opportunities on our goal.  We continued to move the ball forward and create chances on Medkila’s goal.  As time was moving on.  We needed to make chances in shape and players.  We needed a goal so we changed to 3-4-3 and brought on 3 fresh players to help.  We pressed Medkila in the final third making them give the ball away yet could not create them into goals.  Finally in the 74th minute  we got our break.  We won the ball in our third.  Played the ball out into midfield.  Emma came short to receive. The defender followed her which left space in behind her.  Tuva played the ball into the space for Emma to run on to.  Medkila keeper came rushing out.  Emma played the ball over her head towards the goal and Rebecca followed up to finish off and put the ball into the empty net.  4-1.  Now with a goal we increased our efforts to get another.  We had a strong penalty shout when a Medkila blocked the ball and clearly hit her hand for all to see yet the referee was not even interested. 

The game finished 4-1  Another defeat.  The final score does not show the effort or performance of Amazon Grimstad players yet it clearly shows individual mistakes cost games.  

Sadly today we controlled large parts of the game and again came away with nothing to show from our hard work.  It is a difficult situation for all of us as well as to stay positive.

We have a full week ahead of training and working on getting three points.

Football is truly a game of mistakes.  The team that makes the least mistakes wins the game.